Paul McCartney's post-Beatles group, Wings, consisted of Paul, his then-wife Linda (keys, backing vox) and Denny Laine (late of the Moody Blues) on guitar and vocals.  Various lead guitarists and drummers came through the line-up during their tenure - which was roughly between 1971 and 1980.  While not the most successful of the Wings incarnations the final lineup featuring guitarist Laurence Juber and drummer Steve Holley was certainly one of its more ambitious.  It was this configuration that was responsible for hit single "Goodnight Tonight/Daytime Nighttime Suffering," the Back to the Egg album, and the soundtrack theme to the Ellen Burstyn/Alan Alda film Same Time Next Year.  

Since then, Denny has returned to his aborted solo career and regularly participates in All Star reviews, LJ has carved out a niche for himself composing television and film scores and regularly records acoustic based solo records, and Steve has been laying down the backbeat for several stars (including Dar Williams, Ian Hunter, John Oates, and others in recent history).  Steve also has just released his highly recommended first solo album.

    On Sunday, March 23, 1997, Denny, LJ, and Steve re-united for a one-off concert at Beatlefest which was held at the Meadowlands Hilton Hotel in E. Rutherford, NJ.  

    The event was spontaneous, as Laurence Juber was to perform in the afternoon and Denny Laine in the evening.  A jam session was rumored, but when drummer Steve Holley showed up it was a full blown concert.

    Rock journalist Michael A. Cimino was there to interview Denny Laine and took several rolls of film that day.  Following is a selection from his private archives.

    All photos are protected by Michael Cimino Archives.  Reproduction is prohibited by law.  

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The inimitable Jo Jo Laine onstage for the "Hey Jude" finale as the room erupts

            foreground is Louise Harrison (George's sister) and Bruce Hastell (Denny's former manager)*

*editors note:  I wound up onstage that night as well and I know plenty of people videotaped the show.  If anyone has a copy they would like to send me I would gratefully compensate them for any trouble to do so.  Contact Cottage Views at  Please put "Wings Video" in the Re: box.

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Above:  the boys exit stage left, Mr. and Mrs. Holley say "Goodnight Tonight" as King Crimson's Ian McDonald looks on, Jo Jo and Bruce.

Below:  Laurence earlier in the day performing acoustic, the ever gracious Mr. and Mrs. Juber.

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Above:  Steve onstage at Manny's Car Wash blues club a few weeks prior to the event, Steve jams with Peter Yarrow (left) of Peter, Paul & Mary and Bruce Henderson of Waiting fame.


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