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by founder Michael A. Cimino

Cottage Views began in 1993 as a grassroots newsletter reporting on Classic Rock Music.  

At the time I was living in a cottage in a town named Valley Cottage, and being that I did all of the writing, printing, stamping, and mailing myself it was a "cottage industry."  In the great think tank that was Freelance Cafe and Wine Bar my co-workers and I bandied around names finally settling on Cottage Views Classic Rock News.  

Valerie Hurwitz created the original logo, depicting my cottage with music notes flowing out of the window and the massive pine tree that overlooked the place.  Over a ten year period of time the newsletter built an audience of close to 1,000 readers, half of them paying to have their subscription mailed to them on a regular basis (some even overseas).   During this time I had the opportunity to meet and interview many of my childhood heroes, including Joey Molland of Badfinger fame.  Eventually Joey would ask me to write his life story for him, and I did.  

After September 11, I became a freelance consultant for the restaurant trade and the Cottage Views banner incorporated a new branch; Cottage Views Restaurant Consulting.  After ten years of publishing-to-print Cottage Views Classic Rock News became a website ( in 2003.  In 2006 I delved into teaching wine education and Cottage Views School of Wine was born.

As you see the name Cottage Views has followed me around a bit, so when Deb and I decided to open a bed & breakfast the name just stuck.  Although there is not a cottage on the property (yet) we do have wonderful views of Seneca Lake, and I continue to consult to restaurants, hotels, country clubs, and resorts in a sommelier and management capacity.  

Below are some links that you may wish to investigate, including information about music, and the books I have written, as well as some merchandise you may want to collect.  If you wish to contact me please e mail  


Michael A. Cimino


 Badfinger and Beyond

  The Biography of Joey Molland

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